Christmas Trees en Velo!

Over the last five years, cargo bikes have become much more popular in Dublin. We even have the dedicated Irish Cargo Bike Championships! Transporting children on bikes has become much more commonplace as cycling conditions improve (in response to many years of effective cycle campaigning).

Transporting Christmas trees by bike is also becoming more popular. Our very own Chairperson, Keith Byrne, can be seen here bringing home his tree last year! There are even dedicated businesses in Copenhagen which deliver your tree by bike to your home!

This year Dublin Cycling Campaign is inviting fans to send in their photographs showing how they transported their Christmas trees back home en vélo. At our January meeting (Monday 12th), we will award a prize for the best images. Note that (as with Keith’s image above), it is fine to walk with your bicycle with Christmas tree aloft!! Mail images to

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Friday, 5 December 2014 (All day)

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