Core Bus Corridor 3: Ballymun

Overall the Ballymun Core Bus Corridor (CBC) is mixed. There are some good sections to it but many hard decisions to make.

The positives first. The proposals would:

  • create a quiet safe cycle route along Royal Canal Bank near Phibsborough
  • add segregated cycle tracks along Ballymun Road

However, Dublin Cycling Campaign has identified a number of serious issues along the route.

The proposals for Ballymun Road leave two general traffic lanes and a bus lane in each direction. In order to fit in the cycle tracks they are reducing the width of the footpath in places. They should remove a general traffic lane in places so that wide footpaths and trees can be planted instead. For comparison see the proposals for the Finglas Road, which would be regarded as a far busier road generally but only 1 general traffic lane is proposed.

The NTA are proposing two options for Mobhi Road. Option A maintains the trees but makes the road one-way to private motor traffic. It provides continuous, but narrow, cycle tracks along the full length. Option B removes all of the trees and widens the road into cars. Private motor traffic will be two-way and the cycle tracks will have gaps in them. We need people to support Option A as it is better for pedestrians, cyclists, public transport users and local residents.

Hart’s Corner will continue to be dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists with little upgrade. More needs to be done here. At Cross Guns Bridge a new bridge will be added to make more space for pedestrians and cyclists.

Phibsborough village needs more traffic calming and traffic reduction measures. Phibsborough village is plagued with heavy and fast moving traffic. BusConnects is a great opportunity to tame the traffic in Phibsborough. Traffic calming Phibsborough village will make it safer for people on bikes.

The proposed cycle route along Church Street has more gaps than cycle tracks. The NTA should build the proposed cycle route on Beresford Street and Greek Street to the quays instead.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign has identified many other issues, which are included in our draft submission linked at the end.

We need you to make a submission to the NTA. Otherwise these proposed concept designs could quickly become the final design. A submission is a short piece on how the NTA should change their proposals.

Some advice for writing a useful submission:

  • Keep it short and personal
  • Tell the NTA why this Core Bus Corridor affect you. Do you live nearby or cycle this route often? Mention that.
  • Tell the NTA why you want to see changes. For example, if the junctions were safer would you let your kids cycle to school?
  • Describe some of the cycle trips you take along this route
  • Include some of the Dublin Cycling Campaign’s key issues

Our key issues:

  • Support Option A on Mobhi road to save the trees and build continuous cycle tracks
  • Demand more space for pedestrians, cyclists and public space in Ballymun
  • Demand a better cycle route than the proposals at Church Street
  • Demand more traffic calming in Phibsborough village


Now that you’ve made your submission please spread the word to your friends and family. Without many voices demanding better cycle facilities the NTA will build the current proposals.

This is only one of 16 Core Bus Corridors. Learn about the others here.

Friday, 31 May 2019 (All day)

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