BusConnects Core Bus Corridors Overview

The BusConnects Core Bus Corridors is a once in a lifetime opportunity for cyclists in Dublin. BusConnects is the National Transport Authority’s (NTA) masterplan for bus travel in Dublin. One of the key initiatives is the Core Bus Corridors, in which the NTA proposes to build 230km of bus lanes and 200km of segregated cycle track on 16 key routes into the city. This would make BusConnects the largest cycling infrastructure project in the history of the state. We need to ensure that BusConnects delivers to its full potential.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign is broadly supportive of the Core Bus Corridor project. It will deliver huge sections of the Greater Dublin Area Cycle Network Plan (a key objective of the campaign).

There are risks with the Core Bus Corridors project but overall it will be a huge step forward for people who want to cycle in Dublin. There are still lots of details to work out and improve. We all need the BusConnects Core Bus Corridors project to succeed otherwise there might be no cycling improvements on these 16 corridors for a decade.

We must all engage with the BusConnects project to ensure it delivers for cyclists. At times we must champion the main elements of the project; at others we must demand changes or reject unworkable options. It will be impossible to take one single position on BusConnects. It is likely our position will vary from corridor to corridor.

Overall, the Core Bus Corridors will make it easier, faster and safer to cycle around Dublin. We need to see them built.

There are many things you can do to help:

  • Write a short submission to the NTA broadly in support of BusConnects including some of Dublin Cycling Campaign’s key issues (see links below)
  • Spread the word about BusConnects to other cyclists, your friends and family
  • Contact your local representatives (councillors, TDs). Tell them you broadly support BusConnects Core Bus Corridors.

Our executive summary submission is published here

Find out more about each of the 16 proposed routes and how you can help:

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