Core Bus Corridor 6: Lucan

Overall the Lucan Core Bus Corridor (CBC) is the worst of the four released plans. There are few upgrades proposed for cyclists. Much of the existing substandard cycling infrastructure is kept in place with no upgrade. Where cyclists and traffic mix the proposals paint bike logos on existing streets with no other changes. There proposals fail to meet the standards in the NTA’s own National Cycle Manual and fail to create a safe cycle route.

This Core Bus Corridor provides parts of two cycle routes into the city. One section is from outside Lucan village to Chapelizod, either along the N4 or on adjacent roads. The remaining section to the city through Chapelizod village and beside the Phoenix Park is to be handled by Dublin City Council under another project. The proposals also include part of a route from Ballyfermot and Kilmainham along Con Colbert Road/St John’s Road West past Heuston Station to the Liffey quays.

There is no buffer space between the cycle track and the road. This is particularly concerning along the N4 where traffic is moving at +80km/h in large volumes. A grass verge must separate the cycle track from the road.

Many existing substandard cycle lanes are not upgraded. In one place a 1.4m cycle track with a high wall on one side and an 80km/h road is left in place. According to the National Cycle Manual this cycle track should be 2.5m wide with a grass buffer between it and the road. In another location ther’s a two-way 1.65m wide cycle track. The minimum width in the manual is 1.75m for a one-way cycle track. This two-way cycle track should be 3.5m wide as this is a primary cycle route.

The NTA is proposing for cyclists and traffic to mix on the Old Lucan Road and Lucan Road. This could be a good idea if done correctly. However, the proposals just paint a bike logo on the road. Our speed survey identified that on one of these roads 86% of motorists are breaking the speed limit. These roads need to be actively designed to make mixing traffic and people on bikes safe.

Along the N4 near Lucan the NTA should provide two-way cycle tracks on both sides of the road as it is impossible to cross the N4 except at certain bridges. Without two-way cycle tracks cyclists would be forced to make multi-kilometre long detours in order to use the cycle tracks legally. This would encourage no one to cycle.

The Dublin Cycling Campaign has identified many other issues, which are included in our draft submission linked at the end.

We need you to make a submission to the NTA. Otherwise these proposed concept designs could quickly become the final design. A submission is a short piece on how the NTA should change their proposals.

Some advice for writing a useful submission:

  • Keep it short and personal
  • Tell the NTA why this Core Bus Corridor affect you. Do you live nearby or cycle this route often? Mention that.
  • Describe some of the cycle trips you take along this route. This will demonstrate that not everyone is trying to cycle from Lucan village to the city centre, which is the only trip currently possible with the proposed cycle infrastructure.
  • Include some of the Dublin Cycling Campaign’s key issues

Our key issues:

  • Enabling cycling for all ages and all abilities should be the aim
  • A buffer zone between the cycle track and the road must be added
  • The cycle tracks should be wider to meet the standards of the National Cycle Manual
  • Low-speed roads where cyclist and traffic need to be actively designed to be safe for cyclists instead of just painting a bike logo on the road. On many of these roads speeding is a real issue.
  • The junction of South Circular Road and Con Colbert Road (near Kilmainham/Islandbridge) needs a complete redesign
  • Kennelsfort Road proposals are completely unsafe and need to be redesigned
  • All bus stops should have cycle bypasses

Make a Submission

Now that you’ve made your submission please spread the word to your friends and family. Without many voices demanding better cycle facilities the NTA will build the current proposals.

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