Submission to RSA on Road Safety Strategy, 2013-2020

Ireland’s National Cycling Lobby Group (of which we are a member) made a submission to the Road Safety Authority (RSA) to feed into the formulation of the Road Safety Strategy 2013-2020.

Here are some of the measures proposed in this submission.

Education measures

The RSA to develop and implement a new driver training regime, recognising that cyclists and other vulnerable road users are entitled to be safe on the road and those drivers will be formally trained to interact with respect for the vulnerability of these users.

The RSA to recognise the UK Department for Transport’s and CTCs ‘Bikeability’ training syllabus immediately, and implement it nationwide, particularly through the schools network.

Enforcement measures

Greater focus on speeding in urban areas where most vulnerable users are.
An RSA campaign given to driver ‘inattention’ in all its forms with an emphasis on risk to vulnerable road users, in particular.

Engineering measures

Improved guidance for Irish road/traffic designers is required recognising all users of the road more equally.
The development of 30 km/h zones throughout residential areas and cities tobe accelerated in the interests of the nation’s children and their right to a safe environment.

Monitoring/Evaluation measures

The RSA to ensure that road accident data for all level of accidents, including cycle accidents, is collated and analysed, in order to feed into continuous improvement in accident reduction and in our general knowledge of accident causes. A HSE Report showed that An Garda Síochana only recorded 10% approx of serious injuries suffered by cyclists in RTC impacts.

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