Law Enforcement and Road User Behaviour

We want greater awareness and enforcement of the dangerous overtaking offence, and a mandatory passing distance of 1.5m. We are working for more widespread 30km/h speed limits and a much better enforcement of urban speed limits.

RESPECT Initiative is endorsed by major players

Dublin Cycling Campaign have been working assiduously over the past year and more to agree a major RESPECT campaign for all road users with Dublin City Council. This initiative aims to improve road users behaviour to each other, to be more respectful, and to recognise the ‘duty of care’ that we all have to each other. It focusses on the behaviour of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle drivers emphasising the interdependency between us all.

One in Six Give up Cycling in Dublin as a Result of Bike Theft, Finds Survey of 1,500 People

A survey by Dublin Cycling Campaign shows that one in 6 people who have had a bicycle stolen do not return to cycling, and a further 26% reduce their cycling habits as a result of theft. It is estimated that 20,000+ bikes are stolen annually in Dublin alone, a 100% increase since 2008. This could mean that over 3,000 people stop cycling each year in Dublin due to bike theft, and possibly a further 5,000 reduce the amount they cycle as a result of bike theft.

Key issues of concern to cyclists in Irish road traffic law (RTL) and how to deal with a traffic collision

There are a number of legal provisions directly affecting cyclists in Irish road traffic law so what follows is an attempt to describe them and make them more easily understood. References to an Act or SI are provided. Please note we are not legal experts and any comments or advice is given in good faith and not intended as a formal legal interpretation.

Bikes and The LAW!

Dublin Cycling Campaign once again are hosting a great public meeting as part of their monthly series of public presentations and discussions on topics related to cycling and better cities!

This month on Monday 9th April in our regular Central Hotel location you can come along and hear two very different presentations:

The Role Of The Irish Police & The Health & Safety Of People Who Want To Cycle

The Commission on the Future of Policing in Ireland held a public meeting in Wood Quay on Monday the 22nd of January.

It was described as a town-hall style event and they were “particularly interested in hearing from organisations which are based in Dublin and work with vulnerable groups or represent community interests, including the business community.”


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