LE2019 South Dublin Cycling Priorities - Lucan

Here are the responses we received from candidates in Lucan to the South Dublin Cycling Priorities.

Candidate Howard Hughes, Renua

As cycling is closet my heart it is one of the key issues that I am looking to resolve in the area. I believe that safer cycling will ease some of the congestion in our area, especially at school times where double parking and letting children out in traffic seems to be de rigeur

Candidate Anne Marie McNally, Social Democrats

The Social Democrats have published a comprehensive cycling policy in conjunction with many of your members who worked through it with us! I am happy to support the priorities listed and will work to make our communities more cycle-friendly and more accesible overall

Candidate Lorna O’Toole, Independent

All you’ve mentioned in the report are very good and many of them I’ve already raised and / or supported overtime. With us planning to extend the Griffeen Park we should be looking at introducing cycle routes to all our schools via the parks. We need to look at changing our policy to allow our greens to be lit up to make it safer for all during dark mornings / evenings I recently raised the motion below. I hope to be in position in next few weeks to continue the work on the matter

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