Results of Questionnaire sent to Local Authority Candidates for 2014 Elections

All local election candidates that completed the survey want to see 30 km/h limits brought in around schools. And all want Cycle Forums set up in their local authorities.

Here is a summary of some of the other responses:

How often do you use your bike?

42.5% everyday

32.5% at least every week

17,5% rarely

7.5% never!

NCPF implementation of 10% trip target

98% wish to see it achieved

What do you consider main benefits of cycling?

56% agree with reducing heart/stroke/diabetes

40% greenhouse gas emissions mitigation

42% safer/quieter streets

What meaasures do you favour to implement 10% trip target?

64% high importance to make it easier to combine cycling with public transport

70% high importance to junction re-design

56% high importance to parking in cycle lanes/tracks properly enforced

What do you see as obstacles to increased cycling uptake?

64% high importance to cycling unfriendly road design

47% high importance to traffic speed too high

How to get more children cycling?

64% high importance to funding safe routes to school

44% high importance to 30 km/h speed limits around schools

34% high importance for free cycling skills training on-road

Cycling Officer appointement in LAs?

92.5% in favour

We are trying to produce an analysis of the small number of responses to the Local Authority election 2014 on-line survey.

Here is a breakdown of the local election candidates who responded to the survey:

Party affiliation

19 Greens

8 Independent/non-party

8 Labour

9 People Before Profit

2 Sinn Fein

3 Fine Gael

1 Fianna Fail


Majority were candidates from GDA (urban areas) with a sprinkling from Kilkenny City, Cork City principally with a few from other urban areas (Dundalk, Monaghan). None was rural.

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Thursday, 8 May 2014 (All day)

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