Submission on Bus Rapid Transit Public Consultation

The Dublin Cycling Campaign (DCC) made the following submission as part of the Bus Rapid Transit Public Consultation.

Dublin Cycling Campaign (DCC) wishes to make the following brief points:

1) DCC welcomes the BRT concept for Dublin as this will encourage greater commuter switching from car to public transport (PT) and should provide more reliable journey times than currently available.

2) DCC wishes to ensure that the BRT proposals do not impact negatively on the cycling environment. We consider cycling and public transport to be complementary modes and therefore we expect there to be a positive step change in the quality of cycling conditions with the design and implementation of BRT. So when the BRT buses travel on regular streets the design issues in relation to negotiating turns, and potential interference with the quality of the cycling environment must be carefully examined.

3) Bikes ideally should be allowed on carriages for transport (as with DART off-peak) or else on rear outside of buses as is done elsewhere so that long commutes can be completed by mixed modes.

4) DCC would like to see a high capacity & high quality cycle parking facility at one or more of the city centre PT interchanges (such as this Malmo Bike Parking plus secure and sheltered cycle parking AT ALL proposed BRT stops.

5) Overall we commend the NTA on the proposals & look forward to reviewing detailed plans once prepared.

I would be grateful if you could acknowledge receipt of this submission and advise us of any further decisions made in regard to this application.

Yours faithfully,
Damien Ó Tuama

Vice-Chair, Dublin Cycling Campaign

Friday, 14 March 2014 (All day)

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