Core Bus Corridor 16: Ringsend

The Ringsend BusConnects Core Bus Corridor upgrades existing cycle infrastructure and provides some good-quality two-way cycle tracks. The route includes the north and south quays from the Custom House to the Point into Ringsend.

The proposals would:

  • Build or upgrade the two-way segregated cycle tracks on both the north and south quays from the Custom House to the Point
  • Build 2km of off-road cycleway from Ringsend to the development lands near Poolbeg SDZ

The Dublin Cycling Campaign has identified issues along the route.

Some of the bus stop designs are poor. They will put waiting bus passengers and cyclists into conflict. If the bus stops were moved nearby then this conflict could be removed.

There are a number of shared spaces, where pedestrians and cyclists will mix. These are disliked by both pedestrians and cyclists. They are also viewed by disability advocates as particularly dangerous. These areas should be redesigned to remove shared space.

The planning 2km off-road cycleway through Ringsend is marked as the ‘East Coast Trail’ in the maps. The East Coast Trail is a national cycle route that includes the Sutton to Sandycove (S2S) coastal route. The National Transport Authority (NTA) has marked this proposed cycleway as the East Coast Trail, this is not the agreed path for the East Coast Trail. The proposed cycleway route is indirect - it’s 50% longer than the agreed route.

On the old Irish Glass Bottle site in Poolbeg Dublin City Council are proposing to build 3,500 new homes. The proposed cycleway will provide a good quality cycle route for these new homes to the city centre, but it should not be the East Coast Trail

The Dublin Cycling Campaign has identified other issues, which are included in our draft submission linked at the end.

We need you to make a submission to the NTA. People need to show their support if they want to see these cycling improvements built, otherwise nothing will improve for cyclists. A submission is a short piece on how the NTA should change their proposals.

Some advice for writing a useful submission:

  • Be generally supportive
  • Keep it short and personal
  • Tell the NTA why this Core Bus Corridor affects you. Do you live nearby or cycle this route often? Mention that.
  • Include some of the Dublin Cycling Campaign’s key issues

Our key issues:

  • Support cycling improvements on North and South Quays
  • Demand bus stops that won’t put waiting bus passengers and cyclists into conflict
  • Demand no shared space. It’s bad for cyclists and pedestrians, particularly people with disabilities
  • Demand East Coast Trail on the agreed upon route


We need many voices demanding better cycling facilities or BusConnects will never deliver any improvements. Please:

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Monday, 11 March 2019 (All day)

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