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On 31st January 2010 Dublin City introduced new byelaws which extended the number of streets in the city with a 30 km/h speed limit to the inner core of the city. This small sensible change has been received a hysterical reaction from the motoring lobby and certain city councillors. As there are no genuine arguements against the 30 km/h zone Dublin Cycling Campaign are opposing calls to remove it.

With your help we can make Dublin an attractive city for all.

How to help?

  1. Email, ring or text your local councillors explaining that this is a better city with the 30km/h limit. Tell them in your own words. The contact details of all councillors are on and there are further facts, figures and sample letters on
  2. Join the Facebook page called We love the 30 kmh zone in Dublin City centre - let’s keep it!
  3. Explain to your friends why it makes sense. Forward them this Support 30 km/h Flyer (Download a .pdf copy and post it in your building or office)
  4. Join the Dublin Cycling Campaign


  • Support 30 kph Blog of articles and posts on this topic
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Map of 30 km/h Zone


  • Ashton & Mackay, 1979 published the research into probability of death in pedestrian-car front impact collisions. Referenced at
  • Government policy is expressed in the Smarter Travel Policy, and in the National Cycling Policy Framework:
  • Grundy et al. (2009) published in the British Medical Journal [Vol. 339, 1-6] shows that in the period 1986-2006 those areas in London which introduced 20 mph (~33 km/h) speed limits saw a 40% approx. reduction in RTC casualties.
  • BBC News: 11/12/209: 20mph speed zones cut road injuries by 40%, study says
  • The Swedish National Road Administration (Vagverket) released its data a few years ago and this revealed that at 50 km/h a saloon car impacting with a cyclist or pedestrian will likely result in a 80% fatality rate whereas at 30 km/h this reduces to approx. 10%.
  • Copenhagen:⅓0-kmh-zones-work.html
  • Barcelona will have 215 kilometres of “Zones 30” by the end of the year
  • Amsterdam: Maximum 30 km/h in the City
  • 20’s [mph] Plenty for Us:
  • UK Slower Speeds Initiative:
  • UK Campaign for Better Transport: How to Slow Down Local Traffic
  • UK Living Streets: 20 mph Policy Briefing Note
  • UK Walking Works:
  • Article on Graz’s City Centre 30 kph Zone

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