Vision, Mission, Aims & Objectives


Our vision of Dublin is a vibrant Living City where people can safely enjoy cycling and walking


Our mission is to affect and support change for Dublin as a better city by: Promoting cycling as an activity with significant health, social, environmental, cultural and economic benefits Being a Champion (The Voice) for cycling and cyclists in Dublin

Aims and Objectives

We have four Aims listed 1 to 4 below. Under each Aim, there are a number of Sub-Aims (totalling 26 Sub-Aims)

  1. To change public perceptions of cycling and cycling’s role within a Living City
  2. To change policies and regulations for the benefit of cyclists and pedestrians
  3. To work to change the physical infrastructure on our city’s roads and public spaces
  4. To become a more effective organisation

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Tuesday, 26 November 2013 (All day)

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