20/20 Vision for Cycling - Have You Got It?

Make This a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a Year to Remember for Cycling Advocacy!

Dublin Cycling Campaign is now entering its 27th year of existence, and it is a critical time for activism to make its mark in ensuring that this Government, and/or whoever leads the next Government meets its stated targets on Climate Change and in particular on sustainable mobility, in developing a new vision for transport as we embrace a potential carbon free future!

More and more Dublin Cycling Campaign, and Cyclist.ie, the national network of cycling advocacy groups, needs YOU, our member and/or supporter, to step up to the plate and add your skills to the network, to ensure that we keep the pressure on Government and Local Authorities to meet their stated commitments. This coming year will see many challenges in translating words to action, and in making a difference on the ground to ensure more, better, and safer infrastructure for cyclists of all ages and abilities. Each of us can play a part.

Dublin Cycling Campaign needs more active volunteers in all areas of activity. Why not bring your skills into play to help in the development of coherent transport policies and infrastructure. In particular we are seeking willing volunteers to support the growth of local area advocacy groups in South Dublin and Fingal Council areas. While we have individuals working in these areas we need to build up a core cadre of support that can help to meet the upcoming challenges. Why not put yourself forward?
If you live in the South Dublin area and would like to be involved contact Mairead Forsythe at maireadmforsythe@gmail.com
If you live in the Fingal area and would like to be involved contact Paul Corcoran at p.a.corcoran@gmail.com

We are also seeking people with expertise and enthusiasm in the areas of:

  • Public Relations, Social Media and Event Promotion

  • Policy Development and Prioritising of Campaigns

  • Critical examination of Government and Local Authority Policies and Schemes for formal submissions

  • Organisational Governance - as Dublin Cycling Campaign, and the national network Cyclist.ie continue to grow we need specific skills to guide us through the process of ensuring proper governance standards to help us to meet the requirements of the Charities Regulator, and general good practice, to ensure the overall health of our organisations.

  • Fundraising - this is a critical area for us to ensure that our organisation is ready to develop and meet the challeges of the future!

Why not consider joining our great team of volunteers? Meet like minded and enthusiastic people! Be part of the Change!
Contact us at info@dublincycling.com
We look forward to hearing from you!
In the meantime have a Positive and Happy New Year!

Thursday, 2 January 2020 (All day)

Help us do more for cycling in Dublin by becoming a member!