AGM 2015 - Another Well Attended and Lively Gathering!

Dublin Cycling Campaign’s AGM was packed to the rafters on Monday night in the Central Hotel.

Keith Byrne, Chairperson of DCC - above, gave an overview of our activities over the last 12 months. This was followed by Damien Ó Tuama, National Cycling Coordinator for, speaking about our campaigning successes at a national level over the same period. We then opened up the floor to find out everyone’s cycling highs and lows of the last year. On the positive side, several people mentioned the great use of the Grand Canal Cycle Track, the recent improvement in Dublin Bus drivers’ attentiveness to cyclists and the exciting plans for Dublin City centre; on the negative side, attendees highlighted the seemingly incessant negative media coverage around cycling, car parking in cycle-lanes and poor design of shared pedestrian / cycle facilities.

If you missed the evening, you can see Keith and Damien’s presentations in the PDF below.

If you are keen to volunteer with us but are unsure what positions are available, then check out the final slide (#16) of the presentation and email us indicating what you’d like to help with. If you have particular skills (e.g. IT, organisational, graphic design, legal etc.) you’d like to share, let us know! Finally, if anyone has expertise in fund-raising, we’d particularly like to hear from you! Dublin Cycling Campaign is a very effective organisation but, compared to other advocacy organisations and powerful lobby groups, we are run on a shoe-string! We’d like to change that so as to bring everyday cycling up the political agenda. Email: with offers of help or any queries you may have.

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Wednesday, 15 July 2015 (All day)

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