Cyclist.ie Council Meeting

Dublin Cycling Campaign is one of many cycle advocacy groups making up the Irish Cycling Advocacy Network, Cyclist.ie. This Saturday 12th March these groups are coming together for the first all island meeting of 2016. There will be representatives from all 4 corners of our island. For cycling advocates there are many interesting topics on the table, including:

Key issues of concern to cyclists in Irish road traffic law (RTL) and how to deal with a traffic collision

There are a number of legal provisions directly affecting cyclists in Irish road traffic law so what follows is an attempt to describe them and make them more easily understood. References to an Act or SI are provided. Please note we are not legal experts and any comments or advice is given in good faith and not intended as a formal legal interpretation.

Dublin City Leads the Way in Reducing Speed Limits - Have Your Say

Dublin City Council are moving to declare an essentially default 30kph speed limit within the City boundaries, with only selected arterial routes at higher speeds. This is a major statement by the City Council, which recognises the damage that higher speeds can cause, and the number of incidents on Dublin’s streets resulting in deaths and serious injuries over the past years. Lower speeds can help to reduce casualty levels on our streets, particularly for people walking and cycling.

Activist Workshops - Get Involved in the Campaign!

Want to get more involved in Dublin Cycling Campaign but not sure how? You’re in luck!

At our AGM in July we presented our new Strategic Plan for 2017-2020. As an outcome of our plan, we have formed working groups which are focused on achieving our strategic aims. These groups are addressing cycling infrastructure, public policy, public perception of cycling, and improving how Dublin Cycling Campaign operates.


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