Bleeding Horse Contra-flow Bus/Cycle Lane

Three cheers for the new contra-flow cycle/bus lane which is coming on stream on Camden St - Richmond St. and which runs past the Bleeding Horse pub! This is a welcome development for cyclists and public transport users in Dublin. It appears that it is due to open on Wed 14th January 2015.

Dublin Cycling Campaign has been working hard behind the scenes for many years to persuade Dublin City Council to provide this contra-flow route. We have been liaising with traffic engineers, lobbying City Councillors and using every opportunity to make this happen. Cycle campaigning pays off!

This new contra-flow bus/cycle lane enables cyclists, heading south towards Rathmines, to avoid taking the annoying and cycling-unfriendly detour around by the Odeon pub and back onto Harcourt Road; instead they can now travel outbound directly (and legally) past the Bleeding Horse pub towards Rathmines bridge. More cycle stands also appear to be going in as well.

While the design may not be perfect - and it will, no doubt, take a while for everyone to get used to the new road layout - Dublin Cycling Campaign supports this contra-flow facility being installed. [See drawing in PDF format below.]

If you are happy to see this and other positive changes for cycling happening in the city, do consider joining Dublin Cycling Campaign as a member to support the work we do:

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Friday, 9 January 2015 (All day)

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