Drury St Bike park Gets A Revamp and Upgrade!

The complete revamp and upgrade of Dublin City’s Drury St Bike Park was unveiled officially on Tuesday last 12th June, during this year’s National Bikeweek, by Dublin’s current Lord Mayor, Micheal Mac Donncha.

We now have a major bike parking facility right in our City Centre. It is a major step for Dublin City Council to provide this city-centre covered safe bike parking facility, with a state of the art bike servicing rack, should your bike need it, and over 400 available bike parking spaces. I think we can safely say that this is Ireland’s largest permanent, sheltered bike parking facility. The photographs appearing with this article give a flavour of the new colourful layout, with an exciting bike themed mural on the walls! And there is even a special section for larger bikes such as cargo bikes or bikes with trailers, as the photos above show.

Buala Bos to Dublin City Council on this initiative and to the engineers involved. Now all that is required to finish off this work is to provide clear signage and promotion for Cyclists, to let them know that the facility exists. We understand that a signage plan is being drawn up. We would also love to see a large sign over the entrance - none exists at present - advertising BIKE & CAR PARK!

So, next time you need to cycle to town why not try it out and avail of its facilities! We are also hopeful that further facilities will be built in other car parks throughout the City…….So Who’s Next?

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Wednesday, 13 June 2018 (All day)

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