Dublin City Development Plan Submission

Dublin City Council are currently seeking feedback on the Strategic Issues Paper for the future Dublin City Development Plan. The development plan is a key document that outlines the vision for the city, some key city policies on transport and what the city hopes to achieve in the next few years. The city council is currently looking for high level feedback on what areas should it focus the draft development plan document due to be released this summer.

Dublin Cycling Campaign has provided feedback on:

  • The need for modal shift to walking, cycling and public to reduce climate emissions from transport in Dublin
  • The need for all new cycle routes to be suitable for people of all ages and all abilities
  • Removing kissing gates and other restrictive barriers that block people from accessing greenways, laneways or parks with their bike, wheelchair or buggy
  • The type, quantity, and quality of both new on-street and off-street cycle parking
  • Why Dublin needs a traffic circulation plan, like Ghent or Groningen, in order to free up more space for people walking, cycling, playing, shopping or socialising in the city centre
  • Reducing rat-running in Dublin’s residential estates using the Low Traffic Neighbourhoods approach used in the UK
  • Reducing the overall public space in Dublin used for movement and transport, including for cycling and public transport. This will free up more space for trees, public seating, greenery and children’s play areas, which will help make Dublin a more liveable city

Our full submission to Dublin City Council is attached below:

Monday, 22 February 2021 - 2:45pm

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