Dublin City Moving Ahead on Cycling Projects

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On Wednesday last 15th February, the sod was turned on the opening of works on the Royal Canal Phase 3 project, which will link Newcomen Bridge on the North Strand with Cross Guns Bridge in Phibsborough. This is the latest development in the rollout of major cycling related projects for Dublin City under the increased Active Travel investment from the present government, and part of a wave of projects that are on the ground or soon to be rolled out. The appointedcontractor is Jons Civil Engineering - https://www.jonscivil.ie/ - who also built the Royal Canal (Phase 2) section from Sheriff Street to Newcomen Bridge.

This section of the Royal Canal is a critical link in the overall emerging greenway route from Dublin’s Liffey to link with the River Shannon, and a separate greenway (The Old Rail Trail) to Athlone. It is only one of a series of projects being developed by Dublin City this year, and cyclists and advocates are happy to see this construction taking place at last, spurred on by increased government investment! As these large projects take considerable time to go through the planning process, and are also, by their nature, costly and complex, Dublin City has also fast tracked a series of Interim or Quick Build projects, which are due to hit the ground in the coming months. You can view these projects and plans, and background information, on the City website at https://www.dublincity.ie/residential/transportation/active-travel. As you will see things are at last moving in a perceptible way!

And there is still a lot to do to try to make Dublin City a leading exponent of best practice, when it comes to cycling. There is no reason why Dublin cannot be a demonstration city for Active Travel on a European level, that will set an example for other cities around Europe? And Dublin Cycling Campaign will continue to exert our influence at Council level to ensure that a wide range of ancillary activities are initiated over and above the building of the infrastructure. Issues such as Safe Cycling Routes to School, Safety monitoring on our city’s roads to ensure Cyclist & Pedestrian safety is increased, promoting everyday cycling, monitoring project designs through making detailed submissions on project plans etc. All of these and others are part and parcel of what we in Dublin Cycling Campaign try to do in building a safe cycling environment for Dublin City. We are active behind the scenes in working on various committees, liaising with Councillors and Officials to make things happen.

This is where we need YOU, to be part of the positive wave that is beginning to sweep through the City, to help out, by joining our reformed Dublin City Campaign Group. The work of this group will be determined by you as an active member, so why not think of joining us actively!? Contact info@dublincycling.ie with a subject of ‘dublin city active’, and help to make the change happen!

Wednesday, 15 February 2023 - 12:45pm

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