Dublin Cycling Campaign initiates judicial review of Connolly Quarter planning permission

Dublin Cycling Campaign is seeking a judicial review of An Bord Pleanála’s decision to grant planning permission for the strategic housing development (SHD) called ‘Connolly Quarter’. This development by Ballymore uses the car park at the rear of Connolly station owned by state body CIÉ.

The development includes 135 new car parking spaces at level three, overhanging the railway lines. The developer argued the new car parking spaces did not require planning permission.

“It is our contention that An Bord Pleanála erred in law by not assessing one of the proposed car parks included in the application. An Bord Pleanála has set a dangerous precedent regarding what type of development requires planning permission.” said Kevin Baker, chairperson of Dublin Cycling Campaign.

“By excluding these new car parking spaces from the site notice many members of the public will be completely unaware that the developer proposes to construct them” said Mr Baker.

Dublin Cycling Campaign challenged the developer’s approach in its submission to An Bord Pleanála (ABP), stating that the new car park requires planning permission.

Dublin City Council echoed these concerns in its submission to ABP. It recommended that the car parking be omitted, and form part of a separate planning application. ABP ignored the concerns of Dublin Cycling Campaign and Dublin City Council.

“Reducing excessive city centre car parking is a key objective of our road safety strategy. We want Dublin to be a vibrant city, not one clogged by congestion and emissions.” said Kevin Baker, chairperson Dublin Cycling Campaign.

It is unlikely that Dublin City Council would grant permission for a new city centre public car park, particularly one without any new public bicycle parking. This is the policy of the Dublin City Development Plan agreed by the elected city councillors.

“It should not have been left to a small charity to challenge the legality of this decision when Dublin City Council strongly echoed our concerns to An Bord Pleanála”, said Mr Baker.

FP Logue Solicitors and John Kenny BL are taking the case on behalf of Dublin Cycling Campaign.

Attached below is the Dublin Cycling Campaign submission to ABP, the Dublin City Council Chief Executive’s report to ABP and our grounds for case submitted to the High Court.

Press release

Monday, 30 March 2020 (All day)

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