Dublin Cycling Campaign welcomes the Liffey cycle route plans


Today’s Transport Special Purpose Committee (SPC) in Dublin City Council, chaired by Cllr Ciaran Cuffe, announced the long awaited, but exciting proposals for the Liffey Quays: encompassing the Liffey Cycle route, ancillary bus facilities, and improved pedestrian walkways. The proposed design extends from the Phoenix Park, all the way to the Tom Clarke (East Link) Bridge, and will be a great boost to cyclists, pedestrians and bus users.

The idea for a fully segregated cycle track along the River Liffey spine was first discussed at a workshop as far back as 2011. Dublin Cycling Campaign have been actively campaigning for this iconic route for many years. It is now wonderful now to see a potentially acceptable design proposal at this stage which has something for for all route users.

The proposed cycleway design is a fully segregated cycle track (on either side of the Liffeya mixture of two-way and one-way tracks) all the way along the route, together with added boardwalk and footpath facilities for pedestrians, and separated continuous bus lanes, as well as a continuous general traffic lane over the full route. Dublin Cycling Campaign warmly welcomes the design, which will now be submitted to a public consultation process, and will need to be approved and supported by the members of Dublin City Council. The public consultation process will allow for specific suggestions to be taken up on the detailed plans.

The Dublin City Development Plan prioritises cycling, walking and public transport above all other transport modes, and this latest design proposal for the River Liffey spine is a recognition of this prioritisation enshrined in the development plan. The proposed plan is • an important and iconic statement by the City, that recognises the need to encourage active travel, and thus a healthier populace • endorsing the Vision outlined in the most recent Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022, which is of ‘a socially inclusive city of urban neighbourhoods, all connected by an exemplary public transport, cycling and walking system’ • a recognition of a people- centred vision for our future city • recognising the economic and social success of many similar developments in other European cities such as Paris and London.

The prioritising of a riverside cycling (and walking) facility will unlock this congested and often dangerous route so that cycling works for people of all ages, for families, leisure cycling, and commuters alike. Dublin needs to move beyond viewing the River Liffey spine as simply a transport corridor for motorised metal boxes. This latest proposal of reimagining of the quays over its full length will enable this, while simultaneously:

  • Increasing the on-street capacity for the city’s growing population;
  • Improving air quality and reducing noise pollution;
  • Boosting tourism;
  • Attracting the world’s leading companies and business
  • Improving the health of all Dubliners.

To celebrate this latest development of a safe segregated plan for the Liffey spine, Dublin Cycling Campaign will be holding a further Family Friendly Liffey Cycle on Sunday 14th April next, gathering in Grand Canal Square at 11am. Why not join us!?

In summary:

Dublin Cycling Campaign welcome today’s announcement by Dublin City Council (DCC) of proposals for the long awaited & exciting new Liffey Cycle Route.

The Transport Special Purpose Committee (SPC) chaired by Cllr. Cíarán Cuffe have outlined an all-encompassing plan covering: cycling, bus facilities and pedestrian walkways along the River Liffey.

The proposed cycleway is a fully segregated cycle track, north and south along the Liffey.

It shall run in tandem with safe boardwalks & footpaths for pedestrians and separate from bus lanes.

Dublin Cycling Campaign support and welcome this proposed design which needs to be approved by Dublin City CouncilCC, and then moved towards a pPublic cConsultation process.

This consultation process shall encourage discussion, and allow for suggestions to be included when detailed plans are drawn up.

This is an important endorsement of the Dublin City Development Plan 2016-2022 which prioritises cycling, walking and public transport above all other transport modes.

Dublin Cycling Campaign has been running regular Liffey mass cycles over the last few years highlighting the importance of this route for people who cycle and walk along the Liffey.

Coverage from RTE and Colm Walsh representing the Dublin Cycling Campaign at Transport SPC meeting and also interviewed by John Kilraine. https://www.rte.ie/news/dublin/2019/0403/1040403-liffey-cycle-route/

Detailed drawings https://t.co/z0rluaIyvX

Wednesday, 3 April 2019 (All day)

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