Dublin Gets SMART on Cycling!

5 Companies have been chosen, from over 20 applicants to spearhead a technical revolution in Dublin to promote greater data collection on cycling and to help grow cycling in Dublin, This is a wonderful collaborative project between Dublin City Council, Enterprise Ireland, and Dublin Cycling Campaign.

The companies and their proposals will be formally launched on 15th September next, but here below are their details, and of course there is some overlap on the proposals, but we will be hoping to see these proposals developed to manufacturing stage in the future! We are particularly delighted that one of our active members, Conor Cahill of Fluidedge, is one of the grant recipients. If you want to know more about his proposal and maybe volunteer to help out he will be making a short presentation at our meeting on Monday next 12th September.

Ambie: BikeLook is a smart city solution to monitor bicycle usage and to deter and detect bicycle theft. We use low power radio (Bluetooth Smart) to track bicycles in the city. Bluetooth trackers’ effectiveness is usually limited by the radio range between the sensor and a mobile phone, but through strategic location of listening posts at bicycle parking, junctions and on street sweepers, the opportunity exists to monitor the volume and direction of cycle traffic in the city.

Fluidedge: Liberty Bell - A smart bicycle bell that allow citizens who cycle record actual or perceived obstacles to safe cycling in Dublin. Hotspots are highlighted in real-time and authorities are alerted to poor road conditions or poor behaviour by other road users.

Hidnseek: A low power device attached to a bicycle that has the ability to generate real time data which can be integrated with existing data sources and information to create an overall accurate picture of the cycling experience in Dublin. The device can measure GPS co-ordinates, speed and environmental conditions using the low cost sigfox network.

Limeforge Ltd - SeeSense To distribute sensors around our city in a very cost effective way with the help of cyclists. This enables us to crowd-source high quality sensor data over a wide range of variables and map our cities in ways we’ve never been able to do before. Extend our technology to create a new product, called the See.Sense tracker with a ‘find my iphone’ capability - using LPWA such as Sigfox as well as GPS.

M2C Smartcharge Ltd A tracking, logging and data harversting system for use with bicycles in a metropolitan area. The system will endeavour to aid the cyclist in predicting the ease of a journey (front end) , safety along the way with geographic analysis (Journey Safety) and create a secure parking facility at the end of the journey (destination management).

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Thursday, 8 September 2016 (All day)

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