Four options for Liffey cycle route available to view next week

Over the coming weeks, Dublin Cycling Campaign’s sub-group focusing on ‘City Centre’ issues will be examining carefully proposals that Dublin City Council will be releasing in regard the Quays Cycle Route.

Dublin Cycling Campaign has long held that we need a safe and attractive east-west route for cyclists to link the Phoenix Park/Heuston Station to (what was previously called!) ‘The Point’ - the P2P route as it is known. So this is an exciting time for cycling development in the city.

The Irish Times carried an excellent article on this in its edition of Tue 24th February -…. Well worth a read - plus take a look at the embedded video.

The blog includes an excellent piece of investigative journalism as it examines who is/may be objecting to this route -… Definitely worth a look!

More from Dublin Cycling Campaign soon on this.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015 (All day)

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