Have Your Say on Broombridge and Royal Canal Upgrades

Dublin City Council is proposing to change Broombridge in Cabra to allow cyclists on the Royal Canal Greenway to connect to Broombridge train station and Luas stop.

There are some welcome changes, one major danger that needs to be fixed and some minor changes that would improve safety and comfort for people on bikes.

Broombridge is a narrow and historic bridge - William Rowan Hamilton inscribed the basic mathematical formula that changed the course of mathematics in 1843! .

It is not possible to provide dedicated cycle lanes on Broombridge itself. The bridge is currently one-way north. After the changes the city council will install traffic lights on the bridge to also allow only buses and bikes to travel south over the bridge.

The welcome parts:

  • Bikes and buses will be allowed to travel south over the bridge
  • A new traffic light crossing for the Royal Canal Greenway
  • Speed ramps on Broombridge will slow traffic to 30km/h making it safer to ‘share the road’

There is a serious danger that people on bikes will be squeezed out crossing the bridge as the lane narrows. On the south side of the bridge the lane is 5.1m wide. This is wide enough for a bike and a bus to be side by side. However, the bridge narrows to 3.8m, which is not wide enough for a bike and bus to be side by side. A cyclist will be squeezed out. The footpath on the bridge should be widened in order to create a more consistent lane width on the bridge. This will prevent poor overtaking or people on bikes being squeezed out.

We must point out that the bridge would be much safer if it was restricted to only bus and bicycle traffic in both directions. Through-motor traffic is better suited to Ratoath Road. Particularly for any goods vehicles heading to the Dublin Industrial Estate just north of the bridge. South of the bridge is a residential area and it should not be a rat run for motor traffic.

Please fill out the council survey for this project. Deadline is Thursday (1st August). Request the following changes:

  • Major danger: the inconsistent lane width on the bridge will lead to cyclists being squeezed out or dangerously overtaken. The footpath should be widened to narrow the road.
  • An advanced stop box and advanced green light for cyclists on the south side of the bridge would give people on bikes a head start from the traffic heading north
  • Widen the crossing at the Royal Canal Greenway to at least 5m. This will give more space to pedestrians and cyclists waiting to cross the road
  • Standardise the lane widths to reduce motor traffic speeds
  • Reduce the corner radii at the Bannow Road junction to reduce motor traffic speeds
  • Include a cycling link to the Tolka Valley Park and Greenway


Now that you have completed the council survey please spread the word to other people who cycle. Without many people clamouring for changes the council may not fix the serious safety issue on the bridge. Please spread the word.

Wednesday, 31 July 2019 (All day)

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