St. Patrick's Day Parade Performance - Further Practice Sessions

Plans for our cycling performance in the St. Patrick’s Day parade are really taking shape - special thanks to our Choreographer, Amy Kinlon, and Artistic Coordinator, Phil Murray!

The next practice sessions are confirmed as below. We urge participants to take part in at least one session so we are all on the same hymn sheet!:

Any problems finding us, ring Damien on 0872840799.

Note that these practice sessions will be for those who will be cycling ‘standard’ bikes - i.e. as opposed to cargo bikes/trikes, recumbants, bikes with children’s seats on them etc. We will develop a separate routine for this latter group closer to the 17th March. For those on the standard bikes, the routine will draw on some of the manoeuvres shown here by Amy Kinlon, our dance teacher - do please check them out before dropping along! We are also asking everyone to wear warm/weather-proof and flexible clothing and a helmet (and lights etc.).

If you want to be part of our performance in the 2016 Parade and haven’t already emailed us, please mail ASAP with your details:
- Name(s), email(s) and mobile no(s)
- Nos of people committed to partaking in the parade (whatever the weather!)
- Nos of adults / children (with approximate ages of children)
- Type(s) of bike(s) (cargo bike / bike with trailor / mountain bike / recumbant…?)
- Can you attend any of the (TBC) practice sessions above? (Yes/No, which ones?)
- Are you a member of the Dublin Cycling Campaign (Yes/No)

Days/times of further practice sessions will be posted here over the coming days - as will guidance re: our interpretation of the concept of ‘The Future’ (the theme of the 2016 parade) being developed by our artistic team.

Finally, given the interest we have had thus far, we expect to have more volunteers than spaces and we’ll give preference to our most enthusiastic volunteers and those who are members of the Campaign! If you are not already a member, do please join - our voluntary work to change the city is bearing fruit!

[Photo credit: Amy Kinlon]

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