Support the FitzWilliam Cycle Route

Dublin Cycling Campaign needs you to support the proposed FitzWilliam cycle route. Dublin City Council is proposing to build the FitzWilliam cycle route from Leeson Street bridge to Holles Street Hospital (map). It will be a route that is safe to cycle for people of all ages and abilities.

This diagram shows the basic layout of the cycle route. This is a “parking-protected” cycle lane, where parking bays are used to keep cyclists segregated from general motor traffic. There is a raised kerb between the cycle track and the footpath, keeping pedestrians and cyclists separated from each other.

There is currently some vocal opposition to the proposed route. There’s more objectors than supporters for the scheme. Cyclists need to show their support for this new route or it may not be built.

Complete the Council’s survey

The most important thing you need to do is to complete the council’s online survey. It only takes two minutes. Tell the council why this route matters to you. Will it make your commute to work safer? Will you use it to cycle with your family to Merrion Square?

Please reiterate some of concerns of Dublin Cycling Campaign:

  • Near Dublin Bikes stand on Merrion Square East the cycle lane is not protected. This is easily fixable by moving the Dublin Bikes stand inline with the parked cars.
  • Lad lane needs traffic calming. This will make it safe for bikes and cars to share the same space.
  • FitzWilliam Lane should have a raised table so vehicles know they must yield to cyclists when crossing the cycle lane


(Our submission to the council is at the end of this article)

Spread the word

Once you’ve completed the survey tell other cyclists you know about this cycle route. It is important that any cyclist who would benefit from this proposed cycle route speaks up to the council or it may not be built. Do you know any residents who live in this area and will benefit? Tell them too.

Do you work for a business that is along FitzWilliam Street or nearby streets? Convince your company to write a submission to Dublin City Council. Submissions from organisations are hugely important for showing the council the broad based support for more safe protected cycle routes. Check out this page about how to get your company to write a submission.

Do your part

We all need to do our part if we want to make Dublin a safe and friendly place for people of all ages to cycle. If you haven’t already go complete the council’s online survey. Then please spread the word to cyclists, residents and business owners in this area.

Below we have linked to the submission of Dublin Cycling Campaign to Dublin City Council. We get fairly technical in sections but it is fairly accessible. It contains all of our concerns and how we feel the design could be improved for pedestrians and cyclists.

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