European Cycle Challenge

Monday, 1 May 2017 (All day)

On Yer Bike Again for DUBLIN 2017!

Last year Dublin City joined in the wonderful and FUN European Cycle Challenge - - and we managed to get over 1,000 participants taking part. This, as you will see from the website, which is operated from Bologna, is basically an online recording of your bike movements in the month of May, and many European cities participate. The 1,000+ Dublin participants in 2016 cycled over 108,000km during the month of May 2016, and the overall reaction from participants was that it was good fun, with a nice competitive edge, pitting City against City and workplace against workplace! Many participants joined the Challenge for health or weight reduction reasons.

Dublin Cycling Campaign are once again in 2017 supporting the initiative of the National Transport Authority (NTA) in signing up for this fun Challenge, and we hope to outdo our performances last year. This year all of Dublin County is included in the Challenge - - so we are ambitious to raise the number of participants to as high as 5,000! Can you help us to make that target? It is also great to see other Irish Cities joining in the initiative this year, as Galway, Cork, Limerick & Waterford participate.

You can sign up right now at and get ready to use the Naviki App on your smartphone, which you can download via This will help to set you on the right track and register Dublin as a cycling city in the European context! There will also be great prizes throughout the month of May for participants, so what’s not to like! Why not sign up right now so you will be ready for the Challenge! We would also encourage you to sign up a friend or family member, in particular if they are new to cycling, and enjoy the Challenge together!

On Monday 10th April next Sinéad Flavin of the NTA will be giving a short introduction to the Challenge at Dublin Cycling Campaign public meeting in the Central Hotel, Exchequer St, Dublin 2. It will be prior to our meeting on 30kph limits in Dublin - - so why not come along and check out what its all about!? SEE YOU THERE!

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