We are Dublin Town - A Particular Vision for Dublin City

Monday, 11 September 2017 (All day)
Central Hotel, Dublin @ 8pm sharp.

For our September Public Meeting we are delighted to have Richard Guiney, Chief Executive Officer of We are Dublin Town, addressing Dublin Cycling Campaign.

Richard will explain who ‘We are Dublin Town’ are, what they do and what their vision and strategy for the future of Dublin City Centre is.
He will describe the issues of the changing city centres and international trends

He will also address the following:

Transport future for Dublin and the role of Cycling for city centre businesses.
* Cycling growth will continue
* Need for safe cycle routes & solutions * Better and safer cycle parking
* Investment in infrastructure in adequate & inappropriate
* With footfall averaging 300,000 to 325,000 daily mass transport needs to be underground.

Dublin Town transport positions & why

  • Metro & DART Underground
  • Luas Cross City
  • College Green Plaza
  • Bus Connects
  • Liffey Cycle Route

Going forward

  • Dialogue needs to improve & be more productive
  • Need to share the limited space
  • Investment in infrastructure is a common cause
  • A functioning city is a common cause
  • A more welcoming city is a common cause

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