City Council Appoints Cycling/Walking Promotion Officer!

Since the demise of the original Cycling Officer post in 2012, Dublin Cycling Campaign has been lobbying Dublin City Council to appoint a new Cycling Officer. We are delighted to announce that a new position of Cycling/Walking Promotion Officer has been created and has been filled by Sarah Scannell, a Council employee formerly involved with business start-ups. Dublin Cycling Campaign played an active role in Sarah’s appointment and liaised closely with the Council throughout the process.

The challenge of this new post will be in promoting cycling and walking in a meaningful way, and ensuring active travel is central to the Council’s transport agenda. For too long there has been insufficient serious promotion and understanding of everyday active travel as the most appropriate response to congested streets, urban air pollution and the best means of making Dublin a real living city. The original Dublin City Council Cycling Action Plan (2010-2015) envisaged a 20% mode share for cycling by 2020. At present it stands at approximately 8%, and the growth impetus has slowed.

In adding the ‘walking’ portfolio to the role, Dublin City Council has acknowledged what Dublin Cycling Campaign and other campaigners have been advocating for a long time: poor quality provision for pedestrians and, in particular, for people with poor mobility levels is endemic throughout the city. This requires a thorough review. We look forward to particular improvements in this realm following Sarah’s appointment.

Sarah’s tasks in her new role are daunting, but we wish her every success. We look forward to meeting her soon and working closely with her over the coming years.

News Item
Wednesday, 6 January 2016 (All day)

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