Cycling Infrastructure

The Dublin Cycling Campaign promotes a hierarchy of measures encouraging cycling. In order of priority, these are:

  1. Traffic speed reduction and enforcement.
  2. Traffic reduction particularly of HGVs.
  3. Junction treatment and traffic management
  4. Cycle lanes and cycle paths.

This is in line with the National Cycle Policy Framework published by the Department of Transport in 2009. We are monitoring progress on the NCPF to make sure these policies become reality.

Since the publication of the Draft Cycle Network Plan for the Greater Dublin Area there has been a significant increase in proposals for cycle routes. We review these and any proposals for bus lanes and road developments that affect cyclists, and make detailed submissions on behalf of the cycling community. Check out the work that we are doing in each of the local authority areas (below), and if you want to get involved in your area contact us at

Help us do more for cycling in Dublin, please consider getting involved.