Our work in Dublin City Council area

Dublin City Council area is approximately 115 square kilometres, with a population of approximately 550,000, the largest in the Greater Dublin Area. The city boundaries, which are not familiar to many people, are shown in the map above.

Dublin Cycling Campaign is very active in the Dublin City area and has been for nearly 21 years. At present we are represented on the Dublin City Transport Strategic Policy Committee, and on the Dublin City Cycle Forum. Through these channels we ensure that the voice of cycling is heard. The results of our work over the years can be seen in the continued growth in cycling numbers in the past few years. Cycling in Dublin is definitely on the UP! When compared to 2008, cycling levels have gone from 33,769 cyclists, counted at specific road junctions, between 7am and 7pm in 2008 to 61,285 in 2013. In other words cycling has doubled in 5 years in Dublin’s City Centre, now representing approximately 8% of overall traffic. If you have some time to spare to help with the work that we do in Dublin City contact Colm Ryder at colmryder@gmail.com.

At present there is an overall 3-year capital programme underway (2013 to 2015) in Dublin City, which is valued at €668.7 million. It includes projects such as road improvements and new housing. For 2014 over €14 million has been allocated for sustainable transport projects in the City of Dublin. Check out Dublin City Council Sustainable Transport Project Allocations 2014 for further details. Dublin Cycling Campaign continues to monitor progress on these projects, and regularly engages with City officials to discuss various aspects of the different projects, as well as making formal submissions on Planning.

Dublin City Council are pro cycling in general, with an overall policy to increase the modal share of cycling in the city. At present the City Cycling Officer doubles as the Senior Engineer in Traffic Section. We continue to lobby for a full time Cycling Officer, as recommended by the National Cycle Policy Framework (NCPF 2009). In 2014 Dublin City Council are very supportive in helping Dublin Cycling Campaign to host the AGM of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) in April. Information on cycling matters can be found on the Council website at http://www.dublincity.ie/RoadsandTraffic/cyclingindublin

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