St Stephen's Green and Luas

Dublin Cycling Campaign made a written submission to Dublin City Council on 4th February 2013. It concerned the traffic management works around St. Stephen’s Green to facilitate the construction of the new LUAS Broombridge (or ‘Cross City Luas’ as it is also known). The drawings and other details of the works are all viewable on this City Council page: Proposed Traffic Management St Stephen’s Green

Our overarching point is that the City needs to use the necessary traffic management works as an opportunity to improve conditions for cyclists. This does not appear to be happening at the moment. For example, the very tricky right hand turn (especially for inexperienced cyclists) from Lesson Street onto St. Stephen’s Green (East) needs to be much more bicycle friendly, but this is not acknowledged in the proposed works.

In fact we made this point in a submission to the Council back in 2004 - see here /sites/ - but this was ignored and much of St. Stephen’s Green has remained bicycle unfriendly through being one-way only without coherent provision for bicycles. (Think of the difficulty in trying to cycle directly from the bottom of Harcourt Street to the top of Grafton Street or from the top of Grafton Street to Merrion Row/Baggot Street.) We hope that our latest submission will be taken more seriously than the previous one. Watch this space for updates.


Monday, 4 February 2013 (All day)

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