Safe Cycling

There’s lots of tips for people starting to embrace cycling or for those who wish to cycle more safely.

Unacceptable Cycling Deaths

11 Cyclists Tragically Killed in Ireland Already in 2017

What has happened on Irish Roads in 2017 that has brought about this relative carnage of killing cyclists, when, before we have yet reached mid-year we have already seen more cycling deaths than in all of 2016, which in itself was a high level compared to most previous years?

Key issues of concern to cyclists in Irish road traffic law (RTL) and how to deal with a traffic collision

There are a number of legal provisions directly affecting cyclists in Irish road traffic law so what follows is an attempt to describe them and make them more easily understood. References to an Act or SI are provided. Please note we are not legal experts and any comments or advice is given in good faith and not intended as a formal legal interpretation.

Light up Your Bike - Rathfarnham!

Dublin Cycling Campaign is once again promoting an awareness campaign to share some advice and helpful lighting-up tips. As part of this campaign our volunteers will be handing out free spare lights at Pearse Bridge on Rathfarnham Road from 5.30pm to 6.30pm on Wednesday 22 January. These free lights are extremely popular so remember it’s a first come, first served basis!

Liffey Cycle

CELEBRATION TIME - Sunday, 14 April 2019! Get on your bike and join hundreds of fellow cyclists as we cycle en masse along Dublin’s Quays to celebrate the announcement of the Liffey Cycle Route.

Cyclists of all ages and abilities are welcome to join us for this family-friendly demonstration in support of safe cycling conditions in Dublin.

City Council Promises Better Parking Enforcement

For a number of years now both Dublin Cycling Campaign and IBike Dublin have been campaigning regularly about illegal vehicle parking in Cycle Lanes throughout the City, blocking cycling access in busy streets. Dublin City Council’s parking enforcers the company DSPS, were relied upon to police these issues among many others around the City. To say the least ,the level of enforcement of these offences was sadly lacking!

Get Writing! - Get Active!

Dublin City Council have posted a very important consultation opportunity on the proposed closure of a section of Eden Quay to all private motorised traffic. It is proposed to limit access to public transport (PT), bikes, and taxis. There are other ancilliary moves to improve PT and cycling as well within the city centre and, in particular, on the north and south quays.

A Fold-Away Bike Helmet....For Real!?

This one is hard to believe, but it could revolutionise our whole view of the role of Bicycle Helmets! Here is a foldable recyclable helmet, that is likely to retail for under €5, as reported in last week’s Irish Times -… . Coined by its inventor as an ‘Eco Helmet’ it might encourage a lot of sceptical non helmet users to give it a try!?


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