Reframing Cycling Through Health, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Representation and Human Scaled Urbanism

At Velo-city Dublin 2019, a number of sessions looked at cycling through the perspective of health, media, gender, ability, poverty, ethics, and just being human. Presentations, posters or links are included where available.

Rachel Aldred
‘Those Cyclists Causing Congestion!’ How pro-car discourses have adapted to a changing context: lessons for active transport policy and planning.

Itziar Alonso-Arbiol
Today it is my turn: A programme for cycling promotion among women

Caitrí­ona Buggle
Why Don’t Teenage Girls Cycle?

Isabelle Clement
A vision for inclusive cycling: design for all and you design for the future

Donna Cooney
Freedom Machine “The bicycle has done more to emancipate women than any one thing in the world..the picture of untrammeled womanhood”

Philippe Crist
The City of the Future

Maud de Vries
Challenging businesses and employees to cycle more for mental health

Priscilla Dutra Dias Viola
Gender, Cycling and urban contexts: towards a conceptual and methodological framework for comparative international studies

Robert Egan
Precarious Entitlement and Utility Cycling in Dublin: A Grounded Theory Study

Tara Goddard
Ethics in (Road Safety) Journalism: How Crash Reporting Affects Public Perception of Crash Inevitability and Fault

Giulia Grigoli
Women on Wheels: unlocking cycling potential in Dublin

Alexander Quayle
Investing in cycling to tackle transport poverty and promote equity

Lucy Saunders
Healthy Streets

Livia Suarez
There is no inclusion without diversity

Angela van der Kloof
Cycling and transport poverty in the Dutch context

Nadia Williams
The Silent Message: Multimedia Communication and Barriers to Cycling Uptake

Seçil Oznur Yakan
Women on Bicycle Initiative, Turkey

Katrina Zimmerman
Beyond an “Indicator Species”: The Past, Present, and Future of Women and Cycling

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