Velo-city Dublin and the future of cycling in the capital

Velo-city Dublin 2019 officially took place on Tuesday 25th to Friday 28th of June. Planning actually began years in advance, with the choice of Dublin to host the annual global cycling summit being publicly announced in December 2016. Hopefully, the legacy of having 1,373 experts in transport planning, smart cities, public health, placemaking, urban design, media analysis, behaviour change, cycling advocacy and many other disciplines converging here will leave a lasting and impactful legacy for cycling in Dublin and around the world in the 65 countries from where delegates came.

Volunteers with Dublin Cycling Campaign have been delighted to have been involved from the very start, working with the hosts Dublin City Council, the series organisers the European Cyclists’ Federation, the Convention Centre Dublin and Abbey Conferences, to make sure the event is a success. Key areas of assistance included:

  • the early proposals in the submission to host the event in Dublin
  • participating in early workshops to help inform the themes and sub-themes
  • providing feedback on the call for papers emphasising an interest in talks about inclusivity and diversity
  • extending invitations to thought leaders from around the world to consider submitting a talk, and to share their insights and expertise with delegates coming to Dublin
  • helping identify quick on-street interventions that could be made by the Council in the months preceding the event
  • organising of public off-site events before and after the conference in Dublin and around the country
  • welcoming delegates from non-profits and advocacy groups to stay with volunteers here through the free Warm Showers platform
  • helping recruit volunteers to help with the Bike Parade
  • being available to discuss progress and make recommendations
  • amplifying the potential positive impact having Velo-city hosted in Dublin could have here
  • supporting volunteers to submit talks, many of which were accepted

This help was recognised by the ECF when they offered tickets discounted by 50% to members and volunteers, that by the end allowed 30 people access the conference. In appreciation of the ongoing support from the Dublin Cycling Campaign for the Velo-city Conference, Dublin City Council had made financial support available to facilitate 12 members of the campaign to attend without charge when coupled with the discount from the ECF. The Dublin Cycling Campaign further supported a number of volunteers attend with contributions towards admission.

Quite a number of volunteers contributed time to help make Velo-city a success and to help increase the potential of the event having impact on improving cycling here in Dublin, including Colm, Damien, Donna, Louise, Mairéad, Mike, Will, Paul, Michelle, Colm, Michelle, Dimi, Ally, Vinnie, Martina, Oisin, Miren, Janet, Philippa, Nuala, David and Conor along with many more.

Huge credit is due to Dublin City Council for having the vision, showing the initiative, and taking responsibility for hosting such a large 4 day conference, each with up to 6 tracks of talks. Credit too is due to the many people within the council who presented their work at Velo-city. We hope that the whole experience and the feedback received from delegates will lead to a hugely positive legacy, benefitting everyone who wants to cycle in the city. We looking forward to working together to make these improvements and interventions a reality as soon as they can be delivered.

There has never been a better time to radically improve conditions for people of all ages to enjoy cycling in the city centre and the suburbs of Dublin City. The consequences from congestion, climate change, air pollution, noise pollution, sedentary lifestyles and obesity will be severe, if many more citizens and visitors aren’t afforded safe and enjoyable means to safely and enjoyably cycle and walk everywhere in Dublin.

Lets make cycling for the ages a reality together!

See a list of talks by Dublin Cycling Campaign volunteers

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